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Landscape Plans Florida is a team of landscape architects and professional designers that work with you and your landscaper to deliver beautiful, thoughtful, practical and cost effective landscapes.

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Here is how it works

We get to know you

In the first step, you will complete a comprehensive, but simple questionnaire. You also select a budget and scope that best fits your needs. In the second step you pick your plants, and in the third you select a design package!

We get to know your site

Our qualified team will visit your site to make environmental observations, take photos, measurements and evaluate relevant challenges and opportunities.

We design your custom plan

You are special, and so is your homesite. Our plans are one-of-a-kind developed with passion and experience. We understand budget, availability and access. We thrive on beauty and practicality.

Delivered in style

Beautifully colored and detailed, our plans are easy to visualize and implement. Prints are delivered to your home, PDF versions are emailed to both you and your landscaper.

At 40% less than the industry standard, our design fees will surprise you.

There is absolutely no compromise in quality or experience. The founder of LPF has nearly 3 decades of experience practicing as a state of Florida licensed and registered landscape architect.

Why are the costs discounted?

The cost of design work is based on billable time, in our model you dramatically reduce our time expense by completing the questionnaire and then selecting plant stylings. On-site presentation of the plan also consumes time – so, in the spirit of teamwork, your landscaper (or a verified, qualified one we select for you) reviews the plans with you at your home. If there are revisions, he or she conveys that information back to our team, also saving time. Lastly, we have the very best software in the industry, enabling us to produce high quality plans without waste. This accelerated process translates into big savings for you.

Collaboration and technology working together to bring you low cost and high quality!