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Your landscape project is made up of two distinctly different components: Design and Installation. We handle the design portion and your landscaper handles the actual installation. We collaborate with your landscaper, but these 2 contracts are separate. Below you will see options for every budget and need. We are able to estimate the installation cost by utilizing our huge database of average material costs. We will also work with your landscaper to confirm current market pricing. You are not committing to anything right now. At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to engage our services if you wish...and we certainly hope you do! So, with all of that in mind, which of the following is the best package for your immediate, or long-term, landscape project?
Please select the professional landscaper that you would like to work with:
When would you like to see the installation begin?
Some clients like to do a masterplan that has an installation cost beyond their current budget, this can be a smart move if you intend on living in the home for several years and phasing is an option. Other clients, usually those with a shorter time commitment prefer a plan that has a defined scope and budget. Please select which is best for you.
Do you have a survey of your property? You can usually find it in your closing documents, it doesn't need to be current. Really we just need to see the house fit on the lot to a specific scale. If you do have a survey, please click yes and then use the 'upload file' option in the next step. If you need help feel free to contact us: info@landscapeplansflorida.com
Upload a File:
Do you live in a gated community, or is access limited?
Do you have animals that are fenced on the property, are there any concerns or special instructions our field staff should have when visiting?
Okay, lets get to the heart of the matter, what is it that you are dreaming of? What do you want to see in your landscape?
Are there features on or off site that you want us to consider? For example: sunset view, loud neighbor, nice breeze, ugly fence, privacy concerns, need for shade.
Please select the landscape personality that best describes you.
Are there any issues with the site we should be aware of? for example: drainage problems, iron in irrigation water, chronic insect infestation, poor soils etc.
A sustainable landscape is one that uses the absolute minimum water, fertilizer and insecticide to survive. Let us know if this is a passion point for you or just a moderate consideration.
After you complete this questionnaire, the next section will give you an opportunity to pick specific plants, but for now, please let us know what flower or foliage colors would you like to see used in the landscape plan?
Are there flower or foliage colors that you do NOT want to see in the landscape plan?
Florida landscapes have a bloom cycle and season. If you are a year-round resident, you may skip this question. If you are a seasonal resident, please check each month that you typically enjoy the Sunshine State.
Are any of these garden amenities appealing to you? Feel free to select more than one.
Lets talk about you. Do you like to entertain, do you have parties that extend into the yard? Would you like a firepit or outdoor lighting? Do you need large open space for activities?
How about kids? How many? How old? Any particular outdoor needs? Any allergies or other special considerations?
Do you have pets that play outdoors? Tell us a little about them, how many, how old, are they likely to pounce on or eat plants?
We will visit the site and see the home as it is now. Are there any changes coming in the near future that might impact our assessment like paint color, new roof, new driveway...anything like that?
Did we forget anything? Is there anything else you would like to share?
The completed plans will be sent to you digitally by way of email. Paper copies will be sent as well. Would you like them sent to the site address, or do you have an alternate address you would prefer we use?

That's it, thank you! Now click 'submit' and move on to the next step - selecting your favorite plants.